Desperation Dinners

Desperation Dinners

Beverly Mills, Alicia Ross

What's a Desperation Dinner?

the right way to feed your loved ones good while your wife is past due, the children are wasting it, and the puppy is scratching on the door. gains over 250 tempting, nutritious recipes that take impressive good thing about comfort foods-from person quick-frozen chook breasts to chopped ginger in a jar-plus leading edge suggestions to chop time and "push" flavor.

Desperation Dinners Promise:

1. those recipes aren't hard.

2. those recipes don't require dear equipment.

three. those recipes don't lie-every you can actually be made in 20 mins, begin to finish.

four. count on to be operating, yet just for these 20 minutes.

five. those recipes flavor good.

a marginally determined Cook's solution to "What's for Dinner?"

Skillet Shepherd's Pie

Topsail Spaghetti

red meat au Poivre

fowl Chili Quesadillas

Garlic-Roasted Salmon

Buttered Rum-Glazed Ham

Fish Florentine

Confetti crammed Peppers

And if you find yourself fairly Desperate

Southwestern chook at the Spot

Minute Minestrone

Tuna and Fusilli Alfresco

Miracle Baked red meat Chops

virtually excellent Peach Crisp

"The dinner hassle is solved! The Desperation women need to be stove-side in each busy home." -Nathalie Dupree, writer of Nathalie Dupree chefs quickly nutrients for Busy Days

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