Explore Mixed Media Collage: Innovative Layering Techniques

Explore Mixed Media Collage: Innovative Layering Techniques

Kristen Robinson, Ruth Rae

Collage proposal, rules and New Techniques!

Inside Explore combined Media Collage, authors Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae remodel undying and vintage innovations into clean, stylish art. you'll research not just which thoughts to take advantage of and the way to top mix them, yet you are going to additionally persist with in addition to lots of effortless step by step demonstrations alongside the way.

  • 20+ deconstructed tasks to encourage your personal collage-making
  • Showcasing 32 undying and vintage concepts with smooth twists from growing your individual own stamps and stencils to making dimensional items with plaster wrap and more
  • Three robust sections that construct off each other, beginning with easy concepts, getting into step by step tasks, and finishing with a lovely idea-generating college gallery

do not wait one other day - Explore combined Media Collage today!

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