I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents: Cool Stuff You Need To Know

I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents: Cool Stuff You Need To Know

Here is a glance on the attention-grabbing profiles of every of the forty three presidents, together with the names in their pets! Sidebars are jam-packed with enjoyable and weird information regarding our leaders-such as who seems on stamps and money-and "At a look" containers supply beginning date, political occasion, and different very important details, together with that:

  • Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president, spoke six languages, invented many stuff (the swivel chair and the pedometer, to call two), and designed and outfitted not just Monticello (his rural domestic) but in addition the collage of Virginia.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, was once one of many nation's nice hunters, and the Smithsonian is stuffed with hundreds and hundreds of specimens from his safari in Africa. He used to be additionally our first environmentalist president, surroundings apart approximately 2 hundred million acres for nationwide parks and natural world refuges.

you are going to additionally discover a part on "The First Ladies"-short takes on all of the presidents' other halves. The ebook ends with a different function that is simply in time for the 2012 election: how a president will get elected. From the 1st presidential election to contemporary recounts, this bankruptcy essentially explains to a tender viewers how we elect the following chief of our country.

contains over a hundred whimsical illustrations!

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