More Knitting in the Sun: 32 Patterns to Knit for Kids

More Knitting in the Sun: 32 Patterns to Knit for Kids

Kristi Porter

32 warm-weather knitting tasks to make for kids

As a knitter and instructor in Southern California, writer Kristi Porter is aware good what warm-weather knitters wish. in keeping with the luck of her prior publication, Knitting within the sunlight: 32 tasks for hot climate, it really is glaring that styles for hotter climate and hotter weather knitting are in demand.

This time Kristi focuses her knitting needles on hot climate styles for kids, bringing you a stunningly designed selection of initiatives and an analogous attractive images you loved in Knitting within the solar.

  • 32 hot climate styles for kids sized 2-12
  • Garments are designed to be cozy to either knit and put on in the course of hot weather
  • Other name by way of Porter: Knitting within the solar: 32 initiatives for hot Weather

If you take pleasure in knitting in the summertime or dwell in a weather that's hot year-round, extra Knitting within the solar will preserve your needles clicking till the wee hours of morning.

Sample Patterns

Striped Baseball T-shirt (click for pattern)

Peasant Skirt (click for pattern)

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