Mr. President: How and Why the Founding Fathers Created a Chief Executive

Mr. President: How and Why the Founding Fathers Created a Chief Executive

Ray Raphael

The dramatic and penetrating tale of the political maneuverings and personalities in the back of the construction of the place of work of the president, with ramifications that proceed to this day.

For the 1st time, via focusing heavily at the dynamic give-and-take on the Constitutional conference, Ray Raphael finds how politics and personalities cobbled jointly an enduring, yet mistaken, govt place of work. Remarkably, the hero of this saga is Gouverneur Morris, a flamboyant, peg-legged delegate who driven via his schedule with extraordinary political savvy, and never a bit deceit. with no Morris’s perseverance, a miles weaker American president will be appointed via Congress, serve for seven years, couldn't be reelected, and feature his powers tightly constrained.

Charting the presidency because it advanced throughout the administrations of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson, Raphael exhibits how, given the Constitution’s extensive outlines, the president’s powers may simply be augmented yet not often reduced. this present day we see the result—an workplace that has develop into extra sweeping, extra robust, and extra inherently partisan than the framers ever meant. And the problems of 1787—whether the Electoral collage, the president’s struggle powers, or the level of govt authority—continue to stir our political debates.

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