The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The "Great Truth" about the "Lost Cause"

The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The "Great Truth" about the "Lost Cause"

James W. Loewen

Most americans carry easy misconceptions in regards to the Confederacy, the Civil conflict, and the activities of next neo-Confederates. for instance, thirds of Americans―including so much historical past teachers―think the accomplice States seceded for “states’ rights.” this mistake persists simply because so much have by no means learn the main files concerning the Confederacy.

These files have continually been there. whilst South Carolina seceded, it released “Declaration of the speedy reasons Which set off and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union.” The rfile truly opposes states’ rights. Its authors argue that Northern states have been ignoring the rights of slave vendors as pointed out by way of Congress and within the structure. equally, Mississippi’s “Declaration of the instant factors …” says, “Our place is punctiliously pointed out with the establishment of slavery―the maximum fabric curiosity of the world.”

Later files during this assortment express how neo-Confederates obfuscated this fact, beginning round 1890. The proof additionally issues to the centrality of race in neo-Confederate suggestion even this present day and to the ongoing significance of neo-Confederate principles in American political existence. The one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of secession and civil battle presents a second for all american citizens to learn those files, thoroughly set in context by way of award-winning sociologist and historian James W. Loewen and co-editor, Edward H. Sebesta, to install point of view the mythology of the outdated South.

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